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Cabvibe organizes the best conditions for working in a taxi! You can take a new car from our fleet or drive your own car, we support you anyway
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We offer
Support for obtaining documents on the card
Organization and support

Organization and support for obtaining Polish citizenship

Organization of obtaining Polish rights

Organization of housing, registration in Poland and obtaining an inn code
in Poland in the car fleet (Uber and Bolt). Social taxes and Polish medicine are paid for free
рobytu is a Polish residence permit, which is valid for 3 years
of obtaining all the necessary documents for work and life. Police clearance certificate, safety instructions, psychiatrist and narcologist's certificate
for drivers who have been working for more than 6 months in the EU
with a cash bonus for branding the car in Cabvibe style
Оfficial employment

Organization of employment on your own car

Official employment of family members, children – in schools
Organization of social assistance for family children

Do you want to start working on your own car in Europe?
We can connect you to worldwide companies as Uber and Bolt. Just fill out the questionnaire and wait for a quick answer!
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Attach the photo of your passport and certificate (category B)
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Our conditions and requirements
Age: from 26 years old
Compliance with traffic rules
Certificate: category "B"
To have experience and
to care for the car
Smartphone availability
Courtesy to passengers
Why us?
High quality new cars
Our cars straight from the showroom by 2020-22, with full KASKO and OSAGO insurance and service
Full service control
We have our own service station, which works smoothly, that gives quality car service in the Śląska region
Online support 24/7
There is a group for each car, there is a manager who is responsible for each case, the driver writes to the group - the manager reacts on this issue
Appreciate and respect - we care for (occasional solutions, support even in personal matters), and accompanied you from the beginning of work with us and even after a long time
Payout control
Payments weekly and in cash daily, without delay. Additional bonus for fulfilling the ride plan
Everything is official
Full support for the preparation of all necessary documents, official employment
Fuel discounts
Opportunity to receive a fuel card with a discount of up to 100 PLN per week. In addition, fuel cards with discounts are available for all cars (company and own cars)
A safe choice of car
Organization and assistance in choosing your own car with registration to our company
We are the exclusive and priority partner of Bolt, which gives separate bonuses for our drivers and priority support on any issues
How to get started
Give us your name and contact phone number and we will contact you
Our manager will contact you and register for instruction
Choice of schedule and auto
You choose the car you want to work on or stay with your car and choose a convenient schedule for you
You can start your first day at work